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Choose the type of website that you want us to create for you.

A simple informational website for your business

A website with some information of your business and a shop with products

A dating site with information, user profiles and other features.

A dropshipping website with products and suppliers.

A gaming website with flash games and ad space.

A community website with user profiles, groups and other features.

An adult website, can be used for videos or pictures and monetized in many ways.

A managed virtual office for your business, manage sales, invoices, workers and much more. Suitable for agencies,hospitals,schools...

A job board or directory website with listings and payment features. Suitable for job boards, hotel directory, business directory and much more

Get your own Facebook. Social Network website with many features and options. Like facebook and others.

A media magazine website, with quiz, news, tests, videos and viral content

Website with SEO tools to use or to sell.

Share your idea with us and we will give you a price!


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Website Features

Select the features you want for your site

A blog where you can post articles

A contact form with Mailchimp integrated, so you can also send newsletters to your subscribers.

A grid or gallery of projects or pictures

A form that will require payment from the client. One time payment or monthly payments

A price list

3 pages with content depending on your choice. Only text, image or video content.

Online chat for your users with chat rooms and emoticons

Chat to contact and help your visitors

A membership subscription that require users to pay before getting access to your site

We will create an app for your website

Describe your requests here and we will contact you with the final price


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Design Addon

Select design extras for your site

We will create your logo

We will edit images for your site, price for 5 images

We can create flyers and branding materials, price for a pack of 3

We will edit your photos and improve their quality, price for 5 photos


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SEO Addons

SEO Extras, choose as you prefer

We will optimize each page for the best SEO

We will boost your website rankings for a month, to move your site to the top of google results.

We will create HQ Backlinks for your site, price for each 50 backlinks

We will contact professional actor or actress to record a video commercial for your business. Can be also a review. Price for each


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Hosting Addons

Addons related to the server where your website will be hosted

We will create your website at your current hosting

We will host the website for you for a year

We will host your website at our private hosting for a month. Its monthly payment


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Other Addons

We will setup anti-malware plugins at your website.

We will do a keyword research for you

We will write and post 20 articles to your website, 100% unique and high quality.

We will upload 20 products to your shop. Price for each 20

We will create and run an Adwords campaign for your website

We will create social media accounts for facebook,twitter,pinterest,instagram,linkedin and others

You will have a community manager manage your social media accounts for a month. Price for each month


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Final cost

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Website orders may be canceled and refunded any time if the developer or the client requests. If the site is done by the 50% then there will not be any refund or cancellation.

Information must be clear, give the developer a clear idea of your project, to avoid misunderstandings and delays.

Custom requests outside this order are not included, if you wish to add something at any moment, a price will be applied for that change. Style changes and small issues are free or charge.

Our developers love to help you, and will be ready to answer any question regarding your new site. But please, keep in mind that our response rate may be delayed up to 48h due to the quantity of emails we receive.

Thanks you for understanding and good luck with your project!

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